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Perth’s Most Northern Suburb Kuta Leads Race For Third WA AFL Team

The AFL is apparently “extremely” impressed by a pitch to host a third WA AFL team in Perth’s most northern suburb, Kuta, Bali. Especially given they seem to be in the spirit of giving teams to small islands. 

A source close to Balinese powerbrokers says the bid would be dependent on a commitment by the Western Australian Government to build a stadium that would be used to hold troublesome Aussie holidaymakers during the off-season. A commitment they say is the “least we can do”. They added,

“The Bali Bosses is the name being circulated for the third WA AFL team. Although we are also considering the Bintangers, Kingdicks or the Pisswrecks. It will be the perfect spot, given the high density of Australians on the island during the AFL premiership season. We anticipate sell-out crowds of a 100k person stadium each week”

The team would require players to either move to Bali or live their best lives as a FIFO footy players. A transition Balinese authorities say would not be radically different. The source continued,

“A fair chunk of the island lives like this anyway. You don’t have to twist a Western Australian’s arm to go to Bali. So imagine getting a highly lucrative contract to do just that. Plus they will have a huge advantage over visiting teams. You think Darwin is humid? Just wait”

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Not only has the plan received widespread praise from Western Australia but even Collingwood has agreed to play a few games away from the MCG if it meant Bali. A source close to Jordan DeGoey said,

“He made it very clear to Collingwood and the AFL that he’ll happily play in Bali as often as he can. In fact, he went so far to say his continued happiness in the game was dependent on just that. I don’t think anything has made a Victorian side want to travel as much as this. He supporst the third WA AFL team”

Critics of the plan accuse Western Australia of not even having 1 team in the competition this year. Judging by the ladder is harsh but fair criticism. Nevertheless, bring on the Bali Bosses.

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