WA offers to relocate Bunbury to Tasmania to help AFL team, says it’s a perfect fit 

In a touching act of charity, the WA Government has offered to migrate the entire population of Bunbury to Tasmania to help pad out their supporter base claiming the two populations share ‘significant similarities’.

A spokesperson for the WA Government admitted they had been looking at options for Bunbury for years given it has never taken off as a tourist destination in the same way Margs has. Adding,

“It’s a two birds-with-one-stone kind of deal here. We find a good use for Bunbury and Tassie gets 76k punters who are used to semi-rural living, don’t mind being overlooked by tourists and push back against judgmental attitudes towards inter-counsinal relationships”

We spoke to a Bunbury resident who conceded she wasn’t surprised by the move. Telling The Times,

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“You know when they invest so much into a Bypass for your city that you aren’t very welcome. We were told that the transition would be smooth as Tasmania is essentially a giant farmers market”

Naturally, others in the community aren’t so pleased. With one proud Bunbarian demanding that Tasmania come to them. Adding,

“I’m all for a strategic alliance with a people that share our unconventional ways but I ain’t leaving the home of Fitzys to do it”

Tasmanians are also conflicted by the offer. With some welcoming the extra water in the genetic pool and others asking what they have done to deserve that. 

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