BREAKING: Looking Like A Good Morning To Avoid A Freo Supporter Tomorrow

West Coast fans are advised to exercise extreme caution tomorrow as the levels of schadenfreude being emitted by Docker’s supporters may be too much to handle. 

In an interesting weekend for WA footy, the Eagles couldn’t hold their lead while the Dockers took their fans on a rollercoaster of emotion with a last-minute play to seal the deal. 

By all reports, Docker’s fans are loving it. We spoke to Dan who was about 13 pints deep and still celebrating the Docker’s victory this afternoon. He told us,

“I’m gonna ram it so far up their arse, man. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve had to listen to them crap on about silverware and all that. This is better than any grand final. What a finish!”

An Eagles fan was already considering pulling the “working from home” card, telling us,

“If I have to hear about this match all day I might just cry. I don’t think any of us expected to win but that’s not going to make the Dockerish words any less hurtful. I’m just a bit fragile at the moment, OK. We HAD IT”

Similarly, Karl was so sure the Docker’s were going to successfully choke by the fourth quarter that he’d already planned to bring in a first aid kit to leave on his office rival’s desk. He told us,

“Ah man, it was going to be sweet. I’d even fished out an old meme talking about choking hazards on Docker’s memorabilia. How I’m going to cop it from the purple army all day. FML”

One of 2 Gold Coast fans in WA (and 8 in the country) said that Eagles fans really should be worrying about him. Expanding on his threat, 

“You think the Wet Toast is going to cop it from Docker’s fans? Wait until they hear what I have to say. No one even considers us a real footy team but guess what, we won! Dockers aren’t the only team that have a history of mediocracy”

Anyway you look at it. It’s going to be a purple kinda morning. 

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