Camry Driver Charged With Hooning After Taking a Corner at a Blistering 10km/h

WA Police are ropable after witnessing a Camry Driver exceed their driving ability and took a suburban corner at an absolutely steaming 10km/h. 

This 2Fast2Incompetent moment occurred during what police are calling a “spree of reckless Camry driving behaviour”. A constable on the scene told The Bell Tower Times,

“We first became aware of this particular Camry driver when we clocked them doing 45 down Leach Highway. Instantly, we thought, what has gotten into this lead foot so we followed to see what other rabbits they had hiding in their lawn bowls hat sitting next to the tissue box at the back”

Despite over 60 years of experience between the two traffic cops, none had witnessed the kind of fast-paced Camry madness they witnessed that day. He continued, 

“We knew we had a real menace to society when they took the on-ramp to the Freeway and smashed that pedal to the metal. We observed the Camry travelling at 59 km/h in the left lane at one point. Couldn’t fucken believe it mate”

After following the Camry driver for several kilometres, they witnessed the driver take the Mill Point Road off ramp and travel towards the intersection of Mill Point Road and Mill Point Close.

We were told,

“We didn’t see an indicator go on, so you can only imagine our shock when this Camry driver that was travelling at about 15km/h only applied their brakes slightly to take the turn at an eye-watering 11km/h. It was practically like they drifted around that corner”

For sake of comparison, the average Camry driver is observed to turn any corner, no matter the angle, at an average speed of 4.5km/h. Which is practically idling. 

Police immediately pulled the driver over and waited for an ambulance to check if they had sustained any injuries from the insane increase in centrifugal force that their bodies were certainly not used to. 

The Camry driver has since apologised for their actions. Explaining in a statement to us,

“I don’t know what came over me, I was late to an auction and was told a young millennial couple had the winning bid. It would’ve been their dream home. Not on my watch” 

Somewhat distressed at having the Camy impounded, police say the silver lining was the ample tissues available to wipe away their tears. 

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