Camry Driver Mixes It Up, Decides To Clog Up Fast Lane At Local Lap Pool

A seasoned Camry driver has felt the need to spice up his serial impediment life and taken his award winning cloggage skills to the fast lane of his local aquatic centre.

Not content with simply ruining the days of motorists, Clyde has utilised his award winning skills to cause mass frustration to swimmers too. He told The Times,

People blame me for road rage but my true passion is lane rage and arguably what I’m best at. Given you’ll always find me in the left hand lane driving like a total fkn donut”

Clyde started his session with an absolutely pathetic attempt at breaststroke before tiring out mid lap and reverting to the kind of back stroke that would onto find support in the local Great White Shark community.

A swimmer already in training for the next Rotto swim told The Times,

“This fkn guy man. Had no business being in the fast lane. Couldn’t apply the burners if he tried. What’s worse is he’d incompetently drift across the lane blocking any attempt at overtaking. Guy definitely drove a Camry”

Clyde denies he was a pest and claims that everyone needs to share the pool and that no one owns the fast lane. A claim almost everyone disagrees with.

Carly, a slow lane swimmer, told The Times,

“I drive a luxury Merc so I know what it’s like. I tried to tell Clyde to come in my lane and sponge it up but he kept going on about his 4 cylinder hybrid legs. Said he had a performance rig and wouldn’t be bullied by so called fast rigs. Mines V6!”

At the time of writing this article, Clyde has been banned from the speed lane of his local lap pool. A luxury motorists don’t have.

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