Cold, wet weather expected, scientists calling this seasonal phenomenon “winter”

“Shocking” scenes are expected as Perth is forecast to encounter colder temperatures and possible rain this coming week on account of the southern hemisphere currently going through a season known as “winter”. 

News continues to break that the mercury is going to dip and Perth is set to cop a drenching. A leading weather expert claims he wasn’t shocked, telling The Times,

“We tend to see cooler temperatures and incidents of rainfall in winter. Kind of just how it goes. We understand some people may be shocked by the forecast but we really have to question why?”

We spoke to Tania, a Western Australian who has gone through more than 35 Perth winters. She told The Times,

“I wake up every morning to breaking news about rain being on the way and I’m like whaaaaaaa?? I always think they must have made a mistake or something, surely not in winter?”

Tania spends more than half her day reading articles about the forecasted weather and acting surprised for the rest of the day. 

A slightly more clued-in individual said he appreciated the sensationalised, non-stop newscycle on the weather, adding,

“Hey, it saves me from the unbearable burden of checking one of 3 weather apps on my phone. I don’t even need to open an app. It’s right there on my homescreen. I’m glad I don’t have to bother with all that malarky”

Another punter said that the news should probably reserve articles about the weather to extreme storm warnings rather than just 10mm of pitter patter on a Saturday, adding,

“I really think you can dwell too much on the forecast. Just check your app and go about your day. I try to tell people at work that but they look at me like I’m some kind of monster”

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