“Tough on Grime” – WA Police Evict Bikie From Gym Over Not Bringing Sweat Towel

Western Australian police have once again flexed their muscles and enforced their heavy-handed anti-perspiration laws to force a 1%’er to leave a gym over his refusal to buy a sweat towel after forgetting to bring his own. 

The incident occurred at 4 pm when a known member of an OMCG entered the gym and commenced a rigorous workout. 

After about 20 minutes, a member of staff noticed that the Harley-riding tough guy was leaving pools of sweat on the gym equipment he used. That’s when shit got real. 

Before he could even ask the man to please soak up his sweat, police launched an operation and surrounded the gym. Acting on intelligence from a plant from within the gym. 

A spokesperson for the Operation SweatyGooch told The Times,

“People say we are losing the war on grubs but we disagree. We got the tip-off that a member of a motorcycle club had entered the gym and left a trail of unhygienic sweat behind him”

Witnesses at the gym said the police stormed in and explained to the man his obligations under the anti-perspiration legislation. They got into a minor scuffle before he eventually agreed to leave instead of paying for a replacement sweat towel to use. 

The WA Government said they will not apologise for being tough on grime and any 1%’er who thinks they can flout will be dealt with swiftly and severely. 

We understand that a minor traffic situation was caused in the Osborne Park area after 7 West was made aware of the eviction. With every single available journalist sent to cover the story.

Speaking through his lawyers, the outlaw told The Times,

“If they think this kind of human rights abuse will work they have another thing coming. You ban me from one gym and I’m just going to find another gym to go to”

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