Crown Towers giving away ring light & tripod with every booking to appeal to core clientele 

Crown Towers has finally conceded that the majority of people who book their rooms are only doing so to shoot OF content. 

To appeal to their core clientele, every booking will now come with a complimentary ring light & tripod to assist their guests with doing what they came there to do. 

A source close to Crown Towers told The Times,

“Simp money is flowing through that joint like no tomorrow. In fact, if you see any upgrades around the place you’ll know that simp bucks paid for it. They are just getting real and appealing to the people willing to spend money on such extravagant room prices”

Naturally, the news has received a positive response from the OF community, especially those wanting to break into the highly competitive market. 

We spoke to an upcoming OF star who said that providing the tools needed showed the hotel acknowledged their patronage. Adding,

“Lugging around all your own gear can be such a hassle, it’s great that I know I can check into my room and get to work leaving the sheets like they’d won a family pass to Kalamunda Wet & Wild in the late 90s”

Alas, not everyone is happy with the promotion. We spoke to a member of arguably Crown Towers’ second biggest market – couples who want to bang in front of the big window overlooking the pool. She told The Times,

“I don’t want to film my own escapades, that’s for the people down in the pool to do, why is the OF community getting favoured here? Perhaps they could provide us with some fresh sunnies because that glare can be brutal getting to work in the morning!”

That’s a very fair point. Likewise, their 3rd biggest customer base – cashed up bogans on anniversary weekends – would appreciate a free sweet pipe with every booking. 

You really can’t please everybody! 

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