Disney accused of being on ice after parents see merch prices at show

A Perth family has been left shocked at the audacity Disney showed by slinging their merch for such extortionate prices. 

We spoke to a mother who had to deal with a screaming child after she refused to pay $50 for a cheap piece of shit Elsa wand. She told The Times,

“Someone has hit the pippy before setting those prices. Makes the used car market on Facebook look reasonable. I don’t care how much my daughter cries I am not paying that”

Another shocked parent said that there was no doubt Disney was cooked off its tits on ice given how many times it has unceremoniously robbed her. Adding,

“I know I’d never hear the end of it from my kids if we didn’t go but between the merch, food and tickets I think I might have to declare bankruptcy. I hope  Disney can clean up its act and stop robbing us to get by!”

We reached out to Disney who denied they were pricing their merch like a desperate ice fiend on Marketplace. Adding,

“Look we know what we’ve got. No low ballers. If you don’t want to buy a bubble thing for $50 then maybe you’d like to have a look at this Dyson we acquired totally legally. Doesn’t have its original box or nothing so $2k will do”

We can only hope that Disney gets some rest and rethinks their extortionate prices. Although according to an insider that is unlikely. Adding,

“Disney knows that most parents will cave into their annoying fkn kids crying over not having some merch. It’s like fish in a barrel mate. Just go to Kmart and buy the same crap for $5. By the way, if you’re looking for a cheap blowie I hear Disney will do you out back for $100”

No thanks.