Filming stops as Nic Cage races Sean Bean to the location of an Aussie national treasure

The race is on after famed national treasure hunters Nicolas Cage and Sean Bean try to outwit each other to get to the location of the first shaker of Chippy Chicken Salt that is rumoured to have a map on it leading to the original recipe

Film crews were left stunned as the actor exited the set hastily after receiving a test message. A witness at the scene told The Times,

“He kept ranting about a national treasure and once we calmed him down a bit he said that if he wasn’t quick a copy of the original Anchor Chippy Salt recipe would fall into the hands of Bean!”

Every Australian on the set clearly understood the importance of this mission. Chicken salt is the high point of Australian culinary culture and must be protected at all costs. A spokesperson for Cage told The Times,

“Nic is an honourable protagonist and has promised to return the sacred document to the hands of the Anchor corporation. Bean however will no doubt on-sell it to the highest bidder. It’s only a matter of time before the world gets chicken salt fever”

Some people are remarking on the stunning coincidence between Nicolas’ current folly and his hit film about the Declaration of Independence. Of course, this current mission is far more important. Cage told The Times,

“I’m not a treasure hunter, I’m a treasure protector and the recipe for chicken salt makes the Declaration of Independence look like a crusty old FHM rag on a dunny floor. How’s that for some Aussie culture? I’ve been practicing while I’m here”

To pull off the operation, Nicolas has told The Times that he must first steal the original shaker of chicken salt so that Sean Bean doesn’t steal it first. This will prove challenging given the army of loyal staff willing to lay down their life to protect Australia’s national treasure.

Time will tell if he can get to the document before the villainous Bean but the stakes couldn’t be higher. We understand that Nicolas will resume filming his movie The Surfer when and only when the document has been protected.

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