Man gives a royal wave while leading a convoy of cops on a low speed pursuit through Spearwood

A man accused of a 2 and a half hour police pursuit has decided to end the ride with a classy royal wave to onlookers.

The Toyota Carolla he was driving was 100% riding dirty – with most of the tyres looking popped according to the video posted to TikTok.

@hudygdard Average day in 6163 , spearwood #chase #perth #fyp #crazycunt #browncardigan #absoulteunit ♬ original sound – hudygdard

After realising that cuntsfucked, the man has allegedly exited the vehicle and given it legs.

Alas, the local constabulary has decided it was sick of the pursuit and tackled him to the ground.

It should be noted that this is a fairly regular occurance in the Spearhood and nothing to be alarmed about.

More information on might Spearwood HERE.

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