Former 6110 girl can still feel the Gosnells coming up when someone aggrieves her

It has been a long time since Taylah walked the leafy burbs of the 6110. After graduating TAFE, Taylah went on to run an empire of 3 lash parlours and was a bonafide South East success story.

After meeting her FIFO husband, Taylah moved on up to Rivervale and lived that privileged life – a Rav 4, a Bali outdoor setting, and a Roomba patrolling her floors. She was the personification of the upper middle-class dream now.

Alas, despite hob-nobbing with SOR elites, Taylah never lost that Gossies spark. Her hubby Bretlyn puts it this way,

“You can take the girl out of Gosnells but you can’t take the Gosnells out of the girl. For example we were on our way to Nobu and a clumsy cougar bumped into Taylah and splashed her with her wine. Oh boy, the Gozzies came back thick and fast”

Bretlyn composed himself while he was visibly excited to think about the confrontation. He settled down and continued,

“Her face just turned full 6110 and said ‘watch where you’re going skank’, I had to get between them and remind Taylah we weren’t at the Gosnell’s Hotel. She then stinkeyed her for the rest of the dinner musing about how she was going to drag her out by her hair, that’s Taylah for ya!”

Indeed. Her 6110 tendencies also spill over into her professional life. With a supplier letting her down one too many times on stock. Taylah told The Times,

“I was quite diplomatic after the first time she didn’t come through with the goods. I was irritated after the second and yeah, I went full Gossies on the third time. I drove down to their office and demanded she come out and face me and then keyed her car up real good. I just can’t help it sometimes”

You’ll have to watch that temper Taylah, you’re moving on up in the world now!

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