Gosnells Bans Red Shoes Ahead Of Hollywood Film Being Shot There Monday 

Cameras start rolling for the upcoming Indie pic “He Ain’t Heavy” in Gosnells on Monday. Therefore the City aka “Gossywood” has taken precedented action to make sure “the eshay scourge” doesn’t interrupt filming or try to gank Sean Penn’s shoes. 

According to news reports, Perth is under siege by eshay scourge. Naturally, Gosnells has its fair share of eScooter riding, bumbag toting, red shoe rocking troublemakers. So, authorities are taking no chances ahead of the historic occasion. A spokesperson for the police told The Times,

“In conjunction with the City of Gosnells, we have established a TN-free zone around the Gosnells for the duration of the film crews activities in the suburb. Any attempts to enter this zone with red shoes will be met with extreme force”

Not everyone is convinced that measures are needed. With some questioning whether a bunch of teens with fake designer hats were really that much of a problem. The police said,

“Between the operations of the 1% bikie gangs and the city loitering of the eshays we don’t understand how Perth gets any respite from fear and terror. Gosnells will be on the world stage and we’d hate to scare tourists off”

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Some would argue Gossies does a good enough job of that itself. A red shoe enthusiast told The Times

“I’m not a street criminal I just basketball. What about the fully grown bogans smashing on outside their homes after getting into the bush chooks? Won’t they be embarrassing on the big stage?”

Authorities responded that 4th gen Gossies bogans were beyond controlling. It was just a risk they were going to have to take.


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