Hollywood A-Lister Chris Hemsworth Spotted Checking Out Properties In Gosnells

Reports that Hollywood star, Chris Hemsworth, has been scoping for properties in tinsel town’s new home away from home have sent shockwaves through Perth today. No doubt linked to Gosnells stepping up to be the new darling of Hollywood.

A witness said they spotted Hemsworth scoping for properties around the glamorous swamp at Mary Carroll Park. Noting the celebrity’s sense of urgency to snap up a property before it’s too late. Adding,

“Obviously a bloke like Chris wants to be where the action is and after this Sean Penn movie hits the silver screens everyone is going to want a big, dirty slice of Gosnells. It’s an exciting time to by a gozzie’s boy”

A spokesperson for Chris Hemsworth said the actor was forced to consider listing his Byron Bay home on the market to afford a property in the new A-Lister hot spot. Adding,

“Yeah, he heard that Leo was seen sipping cocktails at the Gosnells Hotel so he wasn’t going to just wait for all the other stars to snap up a property before him. There’s also reports that Margot Robbie has made enquiries too”

A local real estate agent said he’s barely slept fielding calls from L.A all night. Adding,

“Gosnells is going to be big. I’m pretty sure James Cameron has sent scouts out to find the best spot to shoot the next Avatar films. We’ve had some very high profile clients enquire. I think you’re looking at the new cultural epicentre of WA”

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