13 Important Rules To Aussie Beach Etiquette

If we’re being honest with ourselves, the quality of WA beaches does a lot of heavy lifting in terms of the liveability of this state. Alas, every summer hordes of pests descend upon the beaches and destroy your well needed coastal leisure time. 

1. No one cares about your Instagram photoshoot. Huff & puff all you like but if you expect people to constantly walk around while you’re trying to convince Zimmerman to give you a promo gig then you’re deluded. 

2. Nothing beats a few beats at the beach but turning your little patch of sand into an impromptu set by DJ Spotify is about as pleasant for everyone else as barebacking a sandcastle. 

3. You’re not a Bra Boy – there isn’t much of a sadder sight than attempting to embrace localism when your folks own a $2.5M property in Trigg. Keep your hormonal teenage chest-beating to the outside area of shopping centres. Where nature intended it. Read more HERE on WA Bra Boys,

4. Stop setting up shantytowns – for whatever reason families during school holidays feel the need to stake their claim on 10 square metres of real estate to set up the entire contents of a BCF showroom floor. More on cabana towns HERE.

5. Unleashing your sand goblins – nothing destroys everyone else’s experience like a bunch of free-range kids running through your shit with a near non-existent level of supervision. 

6. Don’t be a creeper- naturally, the beach is a bit of a skin buffet but that doesn’t mean you need to stare at bodies like Jeffrey Dahmer. 

7. Sand barbarians- most people understand the destructive force sand can have on one’s inner zen. Some naturally, seem aloof. Trudging through like a drunk elephant or poorly planned towel flicking can give someone a very unwanted sandy moneyshot. 

8. On the topic of drunk – despite what the 17-year-olds down at Leavers told you, being a drunken oaf at the beach isn’t cool. It’s a sure-fire way of winning gold at the loser Olympics. Enjoy a few brewskis or you’ll ruin a cheeky beach brew for the rest of us. 

9. There is a special spot in hell for people who leave ciggy butts and general filth all over the beach when they leave. It’s at the very top of the unAustralian pyramid of shitcunnery. 

10. Lacking spatial awareness in the ocean – nothing better than flinging a ball around while swimming unless of course, you’re really shit at it and constantly invade other’s personal ocean space. Simple solution – don’t be dogshit at it.

11. If you are from Melbourne just STFU. Your opinion on beaches is invalid. Read more HERE. Same goes for being from the UK (More info HERE)

12. You will never feel comfortable at a beach on the other side of the river that you grew up on. Don’t try to lie to yourself. It’s only you that you are hurting. More HERE.

13. If you are driving on regional WA beaches make sure you don’t have shitfabrains. Learn important information like tides and tyre pressure before wasting emergency service personnel’s time. Read more HERE.

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