AusPost introduces mirrored table & lights room for darkweb customers to try their purchases

AusPost has copped some heat this week for announcing that they will be rolling out change rooms at their stores so people can try their purchases on before deciding on whether to return them. 

Some have froffed over the idea while other customers have been left thinking “what about me?” One such customer purchases all of his “gear” with Monero cryptocurrency and believes he should also have a room at the post office. He told The Times,

“I think it’s only fair I can test out my purchases just like the guy who bought a pair of shoes, ya know? A good sound system with bass, some lights, and a glass table will really help me do that. If it’s rubbish I can deal with it there and then”

Under the initiative, darkweb customers will be given up to 48 hours in the “gurn room” to really get a feel for what they purchased. Whereas, the change rooms will probably only accommodate folks for a few minutes. A spokesperson for AusPost told The Times,

“We are all about sending it at AusPost. So it makes sense that we can aid our dodgier customers to send it before deciding to lodge a dispute over their purchase. We understand more reputable sites use an Escrow system. It’s good that our nation’s weekend warriors are getting a fair deal”

We can report that AusPost trialled such a room at a SOR store with “outstanding results”. One staff member reported a line down the street of shady cretins trying to hide their faces as they accessed their GPO boxes. 

Given the success of the trial and the fact that one happy customer is still charging in the room after 78 hours, it’s no surprise that the rest of the stores will soon be fitted out with similar rooms soon. 

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