Willetton Man Arrested After Trying To Return Bull Creek’s Spaceship To Rightful Home

A Willetton man has been taken into custody today after being spotted in Bull Creek trying to attach a heavy chain to the playground spaceship in an act of Willetton patriotism. 

Gifting the play equipment to Bull Creek has been a sore point for the man who says that any spaceship SOR belongs where the original once stood – on the corner of Leach Highway & Karel Ave in Willo. 

While the man conceded he may have had one too many shandy’s at the Burrendah before hopping into his Hilux he maintains that his mission was pure & true. His lawyer told The Times,

“What is the crime? Loving an iconic suburban landmark so much that you’d happily rip a replica from a rival suburb after getting sauced at the pub? If that’s a crime then I don’t want to be a part of this society anymore. Why wasn’t the spaceship given to Willo? This whole damn world is taking crazy pills”

The clear actions of the Willo lunatic have been met with immense support from the community. We spoke to a Willetton resident who told The Times,

Bull Creek already has an aviation museum. Why do they need our spaceship aesthetic too? What this man did was brave. We don’t want to be just known as the suburb with a good school and a skate park where you can get some average weed. We want to be the suburb with the weird spaceship thingy everyone loves”

A crowd of Willetton residents surrounded the police station calling for the man’s immediate release. Although a crowd of aggrieved Bull Creek residents soon formed and demanded the man be publicly flogged for trying to take away their new toy.

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