Heartbreak as man wakes from coma and tells fam all he wants to do is cut directly through the city via Riverside Drive

Heartbreaking scenes have erupted after a Perth man awoke from an 11-year coma. To his friends & family’s surprise, he was quite alert and was VERY sure of what he wanted to do to make up for so much lost time.

His brother held back tears as he described the moments his bro woke up,

“He grabbed me and said thank god I’m awake again, let’s fire up the Barina and bang it down Riverside Drive, past The Bell Tower, sail through the CBD, and hit up a Cottesloe Beach Hotel Sunday sesh, they still allow no shoes right?”

His brother took a moment to compose himself before continuing,

“I told him that unfortunately, that wasn’t going to be an option. We’d have to snake our way through the City to get to Stirling Highway because they’d built a giant monument to the squandered boomtown money and he’d have to wear neat casual if he wanted to drink at the Cott. He grabbed the doctor and told him to put him under again”

The man’s former partner who bravely made the decision to move on with her life 3 years ago said he was more devo at the state of the Perth foreshore than he was that the flame of their love candle had extinguished. She told The Times,

“He just kept saying, why would they do that? Why do we need a Quay that no one goes to? I told him that I kinda liked the Quay on occasion, was good to take the kids during school holidays and at that point he thanked me for breaking the relationship off as he’d never be with someone who harboured such views. He then pointed out that a Quay was a poor man’s harbour”

To try and deal with some of the emotion he felt, the man then asked his brother if he could take him for a night out at Hungry Jack’s Freo. His brother solemnly shook his head. 

Reaching deep into the memory banks, he collected himself and said he’d be more than happy with a cop-the-lot burger from Fast Eddies in the City.

Needless to say, this is going to be a very long recovery for the man post-coma.