Local Ken Continues Barbie Date Night Theme With A Vicious Case Of PINK-eye

Local Ken Continues Date Night Theme By Exchanging A Vicious Case Of Pinkeye With His Barbie 

Scarborough couple Ken and Tralisha have reportedly enjoyed a wonderful date night watching the Barbie movie at Karrinyup. In fact, the pink spectacle and Ken’s patented cinema-stiffy got the couple in the mood for an encore. 

Witnesses report that a “Ken looking turbo farkwit” was seen jingling his Dodge Nitro keys while his date continued to swig from a water bottle that quite obviously didn’t contain just water. They told The Times,

“Oh they were disgusting. He was wearing a pink polo shirt but you know it had nothing to do with the Barbie movie. They were making the most grotesque kissing noises the entire movie. I’m not surprised he got himself stuck into some pink dessert in the car park”

That he did. The couple made that Dodge rock. With Ken giving his signature full face service that no girl has ever reported as “hitting the spot”. He told The Times,

“Yewwwwww, boom! Right there in the car park. That’s how we do, baby, on the grind baby, all the time baby, yeahhhh. Why is my eye so itchy? Does it look bad? Ah, not again”

Tralisha also suffered an itchy eye. Not that Ken could care. He was far more concerned with the upholstery of his piece of shit yank tank. She told The Times,

“We were just really into each other. I was thinking about Ryan Gosling the whole time he he. He blew way too early and I managed to avoid most it. He wasn’t so lucky, I wasn’t able to shower this evening he he”

Lucky for everyone involved they waited until the car park to be honest. 

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