Perth Cinemas not sure if they are preparing for Barbie premiere or Rockingham date night

Cinemas all across the country are preparing for the premier of the Barbie movie. However, in Perth, many are struggling to tell the difference between Barbie fans and the usual SOR couple on date night.

Naturally, pink is the order of the day and for many Perth residents, the only pink they own is a vicious reminder of the early 2000s. Many may have turned to online shops to buy a pair of pink tracksuit pants. This will mean they will be virtually inseparable from those still flying the Juicy flag. 

According to conservative reports, there could be a 200% increase in the sightings of the retro relic which could make people feel a little confused as to what event they are at.

We spoke to an employee of Hoyts who said she really didn’t know what to expect. Adding,

“I’m seeing a lot of girls posting their outfits and honestly, it’s triggering. Reminds me of when I worked in Hoyts Lux and Brad & Britleigh come in squawking for bubbly and accusing us of ruining their special night because we had to take a bottle of Jack off him”

A leading security expert said the abundance of the garbs could spell trouble for unsuspecting bystanders. Adding,

“Yeah look, a Barbie fan is a very different box of cheese to a Rocko girl out celebrating with her man. As a rule of thumb please do not approach anyone wearing pink tracksuit pants. That’s basic safety 101 in Perth”

The fashion choice is also causing issues among its devoted wearers. We spoke to Jenifur who told The Times,

“My king would be spewin’ if he knew I was wearing my special pants without him but it’s a big occasion and I haven’t got any other pink items. He’s so cute whenever I put ‘em on he gets down on the ground and starts woofing then humping a pillow. Says he loves my arse”

Please proceed with caution.

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