Man who grew up believing school was cancelled after 3 days of 40+ shocked to learn truth

A WA man swore that the cancellation of school during three consecutive temperatures of above 40 was basically enshrined into the Constitution. 

This is despite never experiencing the law in place himself. At least he didn’t think so. Maybe he did? It’s been a long time since he played handball at school and sucked on the half melted ice block of his lunchboxed youth. 

So, you could only imagine his shock when this weeks high temperatures across the state led him to ponder the question – “will shithead kids get a day off out of this?”

He told The Times,

“So I started googling expecting to see the heatwave law as the first result. What I found is that it is just as mythical as that Marilyn Manson rib lark”

Indeed, there is no uniform rule across the State that says school must be cancelled in oppressive temperatures. 

Armed with this knowledge, he went forth to discuss his findings with some work colleagues. They also had their foundations rocked,

“What? Everyone knows if school is too hot for 3 days straight you get the next day off. Surely? I think I’ll have to start questioning everything I know now”

Now in a state of doubting himself, the man started looking into some other things that he thought were a big deal growing up – the Bermuda triangle, acid rain and whether anyone has actually had a tennis ball jam between the brake of their car and the floor.

He won’t lie, those topics gave him great anxiety as a boy. 

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