Piara Waters residents move to ban Harrisdale residents from Robot Park

Tension is simmering SOR with snobby Piara Waters residents petitioning their local council to ban Harrisdale residents from their flagship park.

Robot Park is located in the housing estate of Newhaven in the poshly named Piara Waters and is often cited as one of the best parks to take your kids to play.

It’s this popularity that has seen far too many Harrisdale blowins come seeking a slice of the robotic-themed adventure pie. We spoke to a Piara Waters resident who told The Times,

“Harrisdale? Do you mean west Armadale? Yeah right, they come to our Robot Park and leave their grubby paw prints all over our vibrant play equipment. Did you know the median house price in Piara Waters is $36k more than Harrisdale, you do the maths”

While some residents think that a wall should be built along Nicholson Road, others think a fully manned checkpoint at every road leading to the park should suffice.

We spoke to a Harrisdale resident who said he opposed the ban. Adding,

“They think they are hot shit because they have waters in their name. Big deal. We have the Stockland. So if they want to start sectioning us off maybe we should ban them from our big you-beaut shopping centre”

Obviously, Piara Waters residents aren’t keen on this. With one stating that if anyone should be banned from the Stockland its Harrisdale plebs. Adding,

“Have you seen their Pavillion? Total dogshit. If you want a good Pavillion come to P-waters, unless you are from Harrisdale of course, then rack off!”

It’s hard to imagine any peace between these neighbouring family-growth suburbs. A spokesperson for The City of Armadale told The Times,

“Piara Waters like to forget about their humble beginnings. They were a part of Forrestdale and whether they like it or not they’ll always be in the Dale family. They need to stop carrying on like they are Mount Nasura or somewhere flash like that”

For the time being, Harrisdale (and all Dale fam) are still permitted access to Robot Park. For how long? Time will tell.

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