Mystery WA Lotto Millionaire reveals themselves after being spotted with a full trolley of groceries

A mystery WA lotto winner may have just revealed themselves after a person was seen leaving a Woolworths store with a full trolley load of groceries.

it was undoubtedly the actions of a millionaire, with full trolleys only being seen at the likes of Boatshed or a western suburb’s Farmer Jacks in this economy. A witness told The Times,

“They were doing a real average job of hiding their secret. Not only was the trolley full but I didn’t see one marked down sticker. I thought to myself this is crazy”

After stocking up on a swag of fresh produce, meat and even dairy, the punter was later seen walking into a local bottle shop. Grabbing a carton of craft beer without even checking the prices. A witness told The Times,

“Just grabbing what you want in a bottlo? Craft beer? In this economy? Man, I once did that with a block of bush chook and it was $65! I had to pretend not to cry when I got to the counter. I just bent over and took it. Anyway, I reckon I know who won the lotto”

Their disgraceful spending didn’t stop there either. After the shopping was done the person of interest was observed entering a petrol station and filling up their tank and their secondary tank.

Before they got to the counter, the person was then seen grabbing random items without checking they were part of some 2fa deal. An onlooker was shocked. Adding,

“A can of coke is almost $5 now and they just grabbed it like it was something a person could afford these days. Then they went and grabbed random snacks. Unreal. I reckon they spent a good $300 without even having to deploy breathing exercises”

We can only hope this person calms down their spending. As a million ain’t a million anymore and they couldn’t have much change from it after today’s splurge.

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