Eagles squad suspicious after incoming CEO Don Pyke surprises them with BCF vouchers

In a big step forward for the Eagles, two time premiership player Don Pyke will take over as the club’s CEO. The move has been met with praise from the fan base however his gift to the squad has raised some eyebrows.

According to sources from within the club, the incoming CEO decided to surprise the playing squad with a little gift – BCF vouchers for all! An insider told us,

“At first, everyone was thinking, you beauty! Time to grab some camping gear before summer but then everyone was like, oh wait, camps…”

We understand the incoming CEO assured everyone that they were free to use the voucher as they saw fit. A source added,

“He said there were great specials on sleeping bags, tents, and torches. It was at that point I think people were getting quite suspicious”

In his address, he continued to make the players nervous by saying how happy he was to be back in WA saying that it had some of the best outdoors areas in the Country. A source added,

“He said no one wanted to come camping with him in Sydney and blamed it on the subpar locations”

Nevertheless, sources state that the incoming CEO has assured everyone that they can relax and that the only team camping he’d be doing back in Perth was when they were all stuck in the right-hand lane on the way back from the airport. Adding,

“Can’t a bloke share the joy of camping via BCF vouchers without raising suspicion these days? Everyone just calm down, won’t be doing that again”

Perhaps the overarching threat of a BCF’ing time is the motivation the boys need.

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