Krispy Kreme Pop-Up Steps In To Help Harry Styles Fans Circumvent HBF Camp Out Ban 

Harry Styles fans have been thrown an unlikely lifeline by doughnut chain Krispy Kreme after it was announced anyone camping out for the gig at HBF stadium would be refused entry. 

In what some are describing as a “stroke of genius” the Krispy Kreme pop-up will set up shop adjacent to HBF stadium and the legions of fans will be able to simply tell stadium security they are camping out for an overrated fkn doughnut they could buy anytime they wanted elsewhere. 

The genius of the ruse is that no one would even bat an eyelid at the truth of this. While the more cynical could think perhaps these doughnut campers are really Harry Styles campers, there is enough precedent to blur the lines just enough. A spokesperson for Krispy Kreme told The Times,

“So essentially these Perth kids camp out for 2 days for a doughnut. That’s standard operating procedure. They buy their doughnuts and then say, oh wow, a concert, perhaps I’ll go to that next and because I’m here so early I’ll get good seats. It’s win win. Security can’t prove shit”

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Kids are urged to wear Krispy Kreme merch and show the same level of fanaticism they would show Harry when the pop-up officially opens. 

Rumours of the pop-up have understandably irked HBF who believe they are going to have a very hard time proving someone is not a legitimate doughnut camper in Perth. A HBF stadium spokesperson told The Times,

“We will be watching this doughnut camp with a keen eye. If we see any evidence these supposed doughnut hunters are just Styles fans in disguise we will act accordingly. However, we have to hand it to them. It really is the perfect ruse”

We understand Taco Bell originally offered to assist but concerns were raised for the toilet facilities in HBF. With Styles fan telling The Times, “we want a river of tears for Harry, not a river of shit”.

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