Suspicion Swirls That Joe Has Moved To Perth After Wild Elk Spotted On Scarborough Beach

Tourism WA is still dealing with an uncontrollable promotion-stiffy after Joe Rogan sung his praise for Perth on his podcast after attending the UFC. During the podcast, Joe joked that Perth could be a viable option if things go to shit in the USA.

Naturally, most people assumed it was a joke. That’s until a herd of wild elk was spotted frolicking on the sands of Scarborough Beach this morning. A rather odd sight given the usual lack of elk population in the beachside suburb. A witness told The Times,

“Yeah I’ve never seen wild elk roaming around Scabs before and we all know it’s the primary food source of Joe Rogan. Where you see elk you normally see a ravenous Joe nearby wanting to get a slice of that rich protein”

Naturally, introducing Rogan’s main diet into the wildlife indicates that Joe may well have already moved to Perth. However, spotting the celebrity in Scarborough isn’t that easy. A local told The Times,

“Do you know how many blokes look like Joe Rogan in Scabs on your average Saturday night? That’s the thing about Joe, he’s switched on. He’s moved to where he’s perfectly camouflaged. He walks amongst us. The ladies will be going crazy trying to land them a baby daddy with some money though”

A wildlife expert said there was probably no other good reason for the elk to be in Scarborough. Explaining that with no native population, the only answer would have to be they were introduced. Adding,

“It’s never a simple matter to introduce a new species to an ecosystem. We know elk can be aggressive in the wild but since moving into Scabs this is off the chain. We saw one belting cars with its antlers at an intersection the other day. They really adapted quick”

Members of the public are urged to approach the elk or bald turbos with extreme caution. 

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