Not Posting a Photo Of Red Sunset Classified As Treason Against The Nation of Westralia

The Sunset Commander has declared that any Westralian not gawking in awe at the red sunset or sunrise this week and posting a photo to social media has thereby committed treason. 

Thanks to the volcanic plume from the Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha‘apai eruption, the already iconic WA sunset has been even more Instagram-worthy given its apocalyptic red tinge. 

The Sunset Commander told The Bell Tower Times,

“We’ve long had a provision in the criminal code that it’s a lawful action to assault an Eastern Stater who talked shit about our sunsets. We have taken that sentiment and now put an affirmative duty on our citizens to do what’s right under penalty of treason”

We asked if this was a potential overreach, 

“Some might view it that way but after reviewing social media for the week we can safely say no one seems to have fallen foul of this new legislation. WA has red sunset fever”

We spoke to an amateur photo-blogger about the natural phenomenon,

“Sunsets get me hard. Real hard. Did you know WA has the most beautiful sunsets in the world? I wouldn’t miss posting a normal one, so you can only imagine how I lost my mind over this red one. My young kids were waiting to get picked up in the dark at Garden City for like 2 hours as I went rogue looking for the perfect snap”

Unsurprisingly, a faction of anti-sunsetters has emerged. Reportedly faking social posts with stock images and pictures of red sunsets from outside the Westralian nation. 

We spoke to one such anti-sunsetter who was preparing to block a dual carriageway at dusk to wake up a couple of sheeple. He told us,

“We don’t know what’s in the red sunset. Do you believe everything the Government tells you? A volcano in Tonga, WAKE UP. Did you know extra 5G towers were installed this week? What’s happening to the sky will be happening to your DNA, did you even think to follow the money?”

Of course, we had, and there was some suggestion that Big Tourism was benefiting from the sunset photos the most. With hundreds of thousands of eligible citizens posting the sunsets they were providing free advertising to the nation.

It’s a sobering thought but has Big Tourism released radiation into the sunset to create an organic campaign? Or do scientists know what they are talking about? 

We may never know. 

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