Notre Dame University gives up, offers courses in TikTok influencing

In a move that probably won’t shock society as much as it should, Notre Dame University has decided to throw in the tertiary-education-towel and just offer courses on how to be a TikTok celebrity.

It’s no secret that the WA uni sector took a massive hit during the pandemic and the allure of racking up a massive debt to (maybe) get a job paying a fraction of a trade just isn’t sizzling youngster’s sausages right now.

A spokesperson for the Uni told The Times,

“Yeah, we give up. There are enough lawyers and sports science graduates in the world as it is. We’ll just give these little private school scrotes what they really want. Easy, social media stardom”

The University is excited to offer the following classes in the Bachelor of TikTok undergraduate degree:

  • Truly believing your opinion on food matters
  • Roping your family into some stupid dance
  • Advanced lip syncing 
  • Filters
  • Explaining your career to boomers

We were lucky to speak to a lecturer the uni has already signed on. She rose to fame by half-arsed lip-syncing to popular songs. She told The Times,

“I think its so sad that some people aren’t famous on TikTok. Like what’s the point of living? So gross. I make so much more selling hair vitamins than my lawyer brother he he. I want to pass that gift onto people”

It’s a move that might be good for their bank balance but ultimately just accelerates the already fast march towards the total collapse of society.

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