Perth Property Owner Has Some Audacity Bringing Merc Ute On Site 

After acquiring a new Mercedes X-Class, Tony got the crazy notion in his head that he’d swing by the site of his latest property and impress the tradies working for him with some German luxury grunt. 

Sadly, Tony didn’t get the red carpet treatment he assumed he would after arriving in the $70k toy he bought so he could feel like a real DIY hobbyist. 

It wasn’t enough that Tony arrived while the boys were on smoko, he also had to keep honking his horn like the pied piper of mid-life crises until the men came to check it out. 

A tradie who was halfway through viciously gnawing on a Roota roll told The Times,

“This guy is a complete pelican, mate. Every day he’s in our faces while we’re trying to work. Walking around in his stupid little hard hat that hasn’t seen a day’s work. Then he has the audacity to rock up thinking we’d give a shit about his ridiculous ute that he’ll use to pick up some screws from the Bunnings trade section”

Another tradie was so offended he almost walked off the job after seeing the vehicle. Taking calming sips of Dare he told The Times,

“You got all the money in the world and you go and buy that? Mate, that’s not a work ute. Dude probably has a Range Rover that he calls a proper fourby too. He should be banned from site”

Not wishing to bite the hand that feeds them, the men were forced to endure Tony’s attempts at ute-related banter. A tradie explained the horror of the situation,

“He kept mentioning payload. I reckon he got a little stiffy every time he said it. Then he said he’s dreading all the calls he’s going to get from mates to help them move house. Like that rich kent would risk his Merc ute getting scratched”

Tony was apparently left feeling the blokiest he’s ever been. Perhaps even choosing to ignore the belly laughing workers in his rearview mirror as he drove off to report back to his misso about his day on site.

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