Perth Restaurant Sensationally Bans Influencers, Tells Them To TikTok Elsewhere

Motivated by a recent decision by a NOR chef to ban vegans, a Perth restaurateur has decided to take aim at a group he would rather not serve anymore – influencers. 

Taking to social media, the restaurant said that it would no longer be accepting reservations from anyone who offers “exposure” for food and would even go as far as to ban the making of TikToks while other people are trying to eat around them. Chef told The Times,

“We have a relatively small, intimate space, do you have any idea how annoying it is to have some fuckwit filming themselves next to you living out their Bourdain fantasy? I mean seriously, stfu with that shit and enjoy the food you tried to barter for”

A self-styled “lifestyle blogger” and TikTok user told The Times the restaurant was making a big mistake and that in her opinion the entire hospitality scene would crumble if it wasn’t for her 10-second reviews. Adding,

“This is discrimination! If a chef can’t produce a dining floor that’s conducive to TikTokers then are they a real chef at all? They should be paying us to eat there! I have 2000 followers!”

The chef took a contrary view. Stating that the cash for comment culture means the consumer never really knows if the joint is good or not. Adding,

“I’d give up every influencer for Urban Spoon to return. That was a rating system you could trust. A simple % based on peer reviews. Food reviews have just become advertising for restaurants which is a bit deceptive if you ask me”

Despite the ban, a core group of influencers has declared they will go “guerilla-style” on the restaurant. Dressing like “normal” people, “paying for their food” and then conducting their reviews in the toilet. Adding,

“Nothing will stop the Influencer Syndicate Influencing Society. ISIS for short. Is that a good name? Hehe, we think it’s cute! You won’t see us coming but we will influence and we will make TikToks while the food we ordered goes cold”

It can’t be denied that the Perth hospo scene is just heating up. 

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