“Influencer” hoping none of her followers spot her returning from Rotto on the ferry of shame 

A self-styled selfie-artist, vlogger, and aspiring D-lister has gone into incognito mode on the ferry home from Rottnest this afternoon as she prays none of her TikTok followers spot her travelling on a ferry rather than the boats she claims to be “all about”.

Putting on large glasses and a hoodie, the influencer sat at the back of the ferry and kept her head down.

Who knows whether one of the 13-year-olds who “look up to her” were present on the boat. It could’ve been game over for the delusional high-life image she portrays. 

Not daring to speak louder than a whisper, the influencer told The Times, 

“My brand is all about having made it. Obviously, I have made it but I think if people saw me catching the ferry rather than a massive yacht they might think that I hadn’t made it”

Alas, the influencer had arranged for a lift home on a boat but fell out with the boat’s owner on the island over the weekend. She told The Times,

“I guess I kinda told him he was my boyfriend like 3 months ago? I was doing prep work for boat season but then he wanted a photo on my Insta feed and like, no, ew”

We spoke to a man who sat next to the influencer and said she was acting strangely. He told The Times,

“You could tell she was deeply ashamed to be catching the ferry home with all the riff raff who weren’t welcome on private boats. I just continued to cut my toenails and laughed at her… one of us, one of us”

It’s too early to tell if slumming it with the unwashed masses has hurt her non-existent brand. 

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