Property with fully operational suburban ice lab hits the market for an eyewatering sum

A Perth realtor has taken to social media to show off an offer that most people will be unable to refuse. If only they could afford it.

The property is listed as an “as is” sale which means the lucky buyer will get everything that’s inside. The realtor told The Times,

“The former tenants had to leave pretty quickly so they didn’t get a chance to clean up. So if you buy this property you’ll also be the lucky recipient of a fully operational ice lab, precursors and a wooden bat with a number of nails stuck in it”

What could you hope to pay for this Armadale gem? Well, an eyewatering $1.5M. A cost the realtor said is fully justified. Adding,

“Armadale is a growth area and you’re not just buying the property you are buying a business with all the necessary stock and equipment to hit the ground running”

We spoke to a prospective buyer who said he was in the market for a place to live but could see himself embracing the 24-7, paranoid lifestyle of a professional ice cook. He told The Times,

“Bit of a sea change isn’t it? My wife is always telling me to take a few more risks and maybe this is the answer. $1.5M is steep but I’m told that if I get my cookery skills to a certain level I could be making 5 figures a week”

Naturally, the property has attracted the interest of boomers who see it as an ideal investment lab. One they are VERY keen to keep out of the hands of a first lab buyer.

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