10 Most Outlandish WA Urban Legends On Record

A Suzuki Swift P-Plater finishes commute without one leer – on 3rd January 2023, during prime beach season, drove from Wembley to City Beach without one tradesman almost crashing his ute trying to catch a peek of the driver within. Spooky stuff if true. Believability rating: 1/10. More on the usual situation HERE.

Man moves out Mandurah way, doesn’t report some kind of supernatural cat – there is something in the water in Mandurah, or perhaps what they drink instead of water, that has everyone spotting some kind of monstrous puma. Howeverlegend has it that old man Thomson has lived in Port Kennedy for 62 years and hasn’t once claimed he’s spotted a giant cat-like beast while driving home at night. Believability rating: 4/10. 

Man gets clean run on Stirling Highway – if the story is to be believed, a North Freo resident took to Stirling Highway at 3:45 pm on the 10th of April 2009 and claims to have not needed to change lanes even once all the way to the city. Some believe it to be a delusion experienced during an ayahuasca trip. Believability rating: 0/10. More on Stirling Highway HERE.

A woman holding a yoga mat makes a succinct coffee order in Mount Hawthorn – at approximately 9:05 am on the 5th of December 2019, an activewear-clad cougar holding a yoga mat entered a Mount Hawthorn cafe and gave a normal coffee order including regular milk. Surely a fever dream by some delirious barista? Believability rating: 4/10. More on WA coffee HERE.

Douth holidayer passes Mandjoogoordap Drive without slowing down – on the 1st of April 2016, a group in a Hyundai Excel passed the Mandjoogoordap sign en route Douth and the driver pronounced the word without fault and didn’t even slow down a single kph. It’s understood to be one of the only occurrences of this phenomenon. Believability rating: 5/10. 

One wanders out yonder without a drone – a young tourist was spotted at the Kalbarri Skywalk at approximately 10:45 am on the 15th of August 2020. What shocked and alarmed onlookers was that she wasn’t getting a drone ready to take some aerial photographs. She was reported in various other tourist hotspots that week. Frightening. Believability rating: 3/10. More HERE.

The civil conversation about daylight saving – this is perhaps the most absurd urban legend. The story goes that an inter-generational conversation broke out at Xmas about the pros and cons of daylight saving. Not one person called it daylight “savings” and no one brandished a carving knife and threatened to make the other the main course. Believability rating: -5/10. More on the savages the topic creates HERE.

Media reports on a shark in a non alarmist way – conveniently no one can find any record of this reporting. Although, the legend suggests that a 1m reef shark was spotted at a popular beach and the media reported just that. With no insinuation, it was a vicious predator or “could’ve been” a great white. Believability rating -10/10.

Perth woman moves to the hills without complaining – local folklore suggests that a Perth woman made the sea change to the hills and didn’t once complain about the sacrifices one makes to live a bit more natural. She even kept all native flora in her yard and hasn’t made a single noise complaint. Believability rating 1/10. More on hills life HERE.

A Western Suburbs planning application goes unchallenged – surely a complete fabrication. However, it is suggested that a building application was submitted for a second story and not one resident in the leafy burb of Cottesloe had an issue with it. Believability rating -1/10.

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