UFC Fighters Weigh In On Who’ll Win The Perth UFC “Meet Me Outside RAC Arena, Dog” Title

With just 8 days to go before UFC 284 speculation is flying on who will take out the greatest honour of the day – the Perth UFC “Meet Me Outside Perth Arena Title”. Many think that self-professed knockout king, Crayson from Rocko, has the upper hand. 

We spoke to some of the top fighters that will be warming the crowd up with their actual title match before the true main event later in the day. Makhachev told The Times,

“Obviously Crayson has been putting in a lot of work on the bag at home but I keep getting sent poorly filmed videos of this unsposonsored tap-out athlete Spyda bloke from Midland. I have to say, he certainly looks like he’ll start on anything or anyone outside that arena after a Jack n Coke”

His opponent Volkanovski disagrees. Stating that the prestigious title is really anyone’s to grab. However, he heard Wayven from High Wycombe just got a new pair of Muay Thai shorts. Adding,

“He’ll be keen to remind everyone of his 2014 Muay Thai retreat in Thailand. He’s been living off that for quite some years and now he’s got the kit to match it. We just hope he doesn’t get disqualified for biting again like he did on Xmas Day”

However, podcast king and UFC enthusiast Joe Rogan says it won’t be as much who will win the day but who will lose and that is almost certain to be Perth’s reputation in the spotlight. 

We understand there will be a series of lesser fights in the seated area before the main event spills out onto Wellington Street at some stage in the early afternoon. Register on the day by stink-eyeing another bloke in the crowd for your chance at glory.

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