7 best spots in Perth to beat your influencer competition

The influencing game can be fierce. Especially coming into WA’s summer months. So to get the edge over your competition you have to mix it up. Here are the top picks for you to try:

Midvale – Midvale is a hidden gem in the eastern burbs. Prove you are a braver influencer than Logan Paul and actually make good on your promise to meet your fans at the Woolworths.

It would probably behove you to have some kind of getaway car running at all times but the juice will certainly be worth the squeeze!

Kwinana – redefine what going “Douth” means. Why Kwinana though? Well, while every other influencer tries to get their little snap at the South Fremantle Power Station you can get yours are the slightly confusingly named Cockburn Power Station in Kwinny!

Not only is this an active power station but you’ll have to get through an active Naval Base to get to it! Now that’s a whimsical selfie you’ll really have to work for. Provided you are not worked over for a phone book on potential espionage allegations, you’ll have a post that will slay, queen. More to see in Kwinny HERE.

Deep in the hills – you’ve all seen Mr & Mrs Basic’s selfies while trespassing in canola fields right? Well step it up and trespass into a real weed crop in the outskirts of Perth’s hill’s region. You might want to watch The Beach first for some tips on how to deal with the angry “farmers”. 

Not only will your feed have a refreshing shade of green compared to all the yellow but the look on your face when some roughneck yokel comes at you with a tomahawk will be unreplicable. That’s where the real magic happens. More fun in the Hills HERE.

Kewdale – photos while cycling around the Pink Lake in Hutt Lagoon are so 2021. In 2022, the real clued-in influencers are heading to Tomato Lake in Kewdale for their lake-content needs. 

On a nice warm day, the lake will smell just as bad (helped massively by the generous donations of urine from locals) and there’s even the famous Tomato Lake Bin Chicken HQ. Get a snap with this majestic flock and join in discussions on how they will take over the world. Or at least that skip bin outside Belmont Forum

Como – yeah, yeah we get it, Perth has some hotshit beaches. Everyone has their influencing snaps at Cott or Mettams. So mix it up and visit Perth’s most underrated “beach” in Como. 

Its got sand, water and a jetty. So stop all your “it’s clearly not a beach bullshit”. Sure, the water stinks and you’ll get a bit of an itch but that’s all in the game baby. Blow your beach competitors out of the water. More on Como HERE.

Forrestfield – if you look at “my day in the hills” content and get violently ill at another Kalamunda honkey nut fountain photo then you are not alone. We get it, Kalamunda is photogenic but did you know you could stay down the hill for the same magic? 

Forry has a honkey nut feature that you’re more than welcome to dump some dishwashing liquid in or just take a selfie. Then after that, why not go and get some raw content and have a honk on a pippy in some filthy Forry backyard setup. Very Australiana! 

Morley – when it comes to architecture content, nothing beats ancient ruins and Morley is chock full of that man. Go to the site of the mighty Galleria! A once mighty behemoth of the Perth retail scene, now just… well exactly the same. 

You’ll also get to snap up content from the old site of Blockbuster & Sizzler. You’ll feel like you are in Ancient Rome or some shit! More to experience in Ancient Morley HERE.

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