BREAKING: Man actually cracks 100 on the Freeway

An excited motorist has had to pull over to ring his loved ones after achieving a feat he previously thought impossible.

At approximately 915 this morning, Grant got his Subaru to a top speed of 101 kph on the Kwinana Freeway.

Knowing that his story wouldn’t be believed he got his passenger to take a photo for proof. He told The Times,

“The first thing my mum told me was that I was full of shit and no one has ever got to 100 kph on The Freeway but I sent her the proof. I told her the stars aligned and I felt more alive than I have all year”

Grant maintained the 100 kph speed for over 50m before being brought back down to the sobering reality of the infamous Perth infrastructure.

A witness on the Freeway described what he saw:

“I was distracted by a Swift full of babes so I wasn’t able to switch into his lane and sponge it up. This gave him a chance to accelerate to the speed limit. Man I thought he had creamed his jeans. Such joy”

Luckily, a Triton driver noticed the glitch in the Matrix and took immediate action to return the Freeway to the status quo. He told The Times,

“Yeah, not on my watch. I gave this Camry driver to my left a knowing nod and we teamed up to make sure we boxed this guy in. Slow his roll, if you catch my drift. We did so and brought the pace down to a nice, easy Thursday 65”

As for Grant, he vows to reach those heights again. Even clearing his schedule for the rest of the silly season to have another crack.

Good luck Grant but don’t go chasing waterfalls.

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