ScoMo Just Wondering If That $130K Chicken Treat Job Is Still Going?

Admittedly, ScoMo is in a bit of a rut since losing the 2022 election and has reportedly being putting out feelers far & wide looking for his next big break. 

You can only imagine the mixed emotions he felt when he came across a position at South Hedland Chicken Treat paying a cool $130K a year. Especially when he heard they sell Hawaiian Packs.

On the one hand, it is a state that told him to stick a rotisserie up his arse and spin on it. On the other hand, it’s decent coin and could endear him to the cave people he foolishly underestimated. 

A spokesperson for the ex-PM told The Times,

“He has a wealth of cooking skills. Have you seen one of his famous curries? He can bring that energy to the role. Please give him the job, he really needs to get back on his feet”

Sources close to ScoMo said he was feeling optimistic about his chances. Even telling an acquaintance, 

“I’m sure after I serve some famous Chicken Treat Roota Wraps the WA public will develop a real zing on for me. Who wants, who wants, who wants ScoMo serving Chooks Fresh, Tasty WA?”

Unfortunately for ScoMo, former Wildcats coach Scott Morrison has also submitted an application. Sadly, there is only room for one jobless Scott Morrison at a time in the Chicken Treat organisation. 

Ever the optimist, ScoMo has been looking at a modest dwelling in South Hedland and has always expressed interest in strapping on his boots for the South Hedland Swans to “do his bit”. 

Good luck ScoMo but maybe scrub Clive Palmer’s name from your references. You do want this gig don’t ya?

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