Aussie Battler Opts For 18m Riviera Yacht Over 25m Model As He Braces For Super Changes

A self-funded retiree has made the heartbreaking decision to buy a slightly less extravagant Riviera Yacht after it was announced superannuation funds over $3M would be taxed at a higher rate. A move he is calling unAustralian. 

The decision came after a chat with his accountant who advised him that purchasing a $6M yacht could potentially put his 4th international holiday for the year at risk. He told The Times,

“My father worked very hard for the money I inherited and I reckon it’s pretty crook that the Government is going to get their filthy paws on it. Can’t they try to clawback money from the poors? I’d be double checking all those Centrelink claims if I was them”

Many of his peers have also felt the sting. With one associate of the man saying he has had to make sacrifices as well. Telling The Times,

“I was going to buy another 250,000 hectare station up north but looks like that promise-breaking worm Albo has had other plans. I’m being told I should look at 225,000 to 230,000 max. Is anyone doing it tougher than that?”

In other news, violin brand Stentor is currently working to build the world’s smallest model for the rest of Australia to play solemnly for them.

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