Cartel Claims “Coke” Seized By WA Police Is Just 2.4 Tonnes Of Anti Inflammatories

“Coke” seized under a joint operation between WA and American police will need to undergo rigorous testing after members of the Mexican cartel allege they were just trying to import 2.4 tonnes of good ol fashion anti-inflammatories. 

Expert legal minds say that the powerful international cartel will likely be relying on the “Wayne Carey” defence which has clearly worked in WA in the past. A professor in criminal law told The Times,

“The defence has a kind of precedent in WA although it hasn’t been tested in Court. I suspect such a defence would really put the prosecution on the back foot. It would be very difficult to disprove. Which of course, is the onus of the prosecution”

Sources close to the cartel say that the shipment was intended to land in WA ahead of the Rod Stewart concert as anti-inflammatories are going to be in hot demand after all those oldies get their disturbing groove on. Adding,

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“This is typical of authorities. Just an innocent cartel trying to provide people with what they need. So what if people want to do a few lines of Nurofen off an escort’s tiddies? When has that been a crime?”

WA Police remain tightlipped over whether they have narcotics or over-the-counter medication however told The Times,

“Anyway you look at it, it’s a bit suss isn’t it. That’s a lot of anti-inflammatories and since when does Nurofen comes in tightly packed bricks? We don’t think the Wayneo is going to fly in this case”

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