Albo Pledges Funding For Regional Art After Learning Hedland’s Most Famous Mural Was Removed

Anthony “Albo” Albanese is currently in Port Hedland for a Federal Cabinet meeting to discuss the biggest issues affecting the nation. However, it was a relatively “small” issue that caught his attention in the town. After a member of the public asked him what a town was without art. 

A witness told The Times that the Port Hedland local had requested a special meeting with the Prime Minister to tell him about the injustice that Hedland art scene experienced – its most famous mural and tourist attraction being removed some time ago. Adding,

“The bloke asked Albo what he was going to do for South Hedland and whether he’d work alongside Western Australia to make sure this kind of thing never happened again. You could tell Albo was choking up when he heard the man’s passionate plea to preserve art. How else would everyone know that Dave’s got a big ole?”

Albo addressed the media on the issue earlier this morning stating that regional art was his Government’s number one priority. His second priority was checking in on Dave to see if his hole is all it’s cracked up to be. Adding,

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“When I hear Perth tourists coming all the way to Port Hedland to get a selfie next to the mural only to find it gone, I get pretty angry. Is this the way to treat our regional communities who rely on tourism?”

Albo asked whether they could commission a local artist to redo the artwork but was told that you can’t simply redo perfection. Wise words. 

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