Canberra Admits They Only Visited WA To Make Sure We Weren’t Shitting The Bed On All That Mining Money

Federal heavyweights have breathed a sigh of relief on their way out of WA conceding that they only popped over to make sure the behemoth was still good to make all that mining money. Admitting, it would be a really shit time for WA to drop the ball.

Some in the cabinet were heard muttering “thank god that’s over, why is it so hot & dusty here? Could they stop going on about GST for one minute?” Before boarding their flights back to Canberra. 

It’s no surprise that WA is often forgotten about when it comes to the politics of Australia. Many regard us as the uncouth FIFO neighbour that is only worth a visit when a favour is needed. In the interim, they typically just hope we don’t make too much noise. 

Naturally, the little radioactive capsule thing made a fair bit of noise. So the Government & Opposition made a point of coming over under the guise of a “federal conference” or someshit just to make sure WA was planning to shit the mining bed in any other way. A spokesperson for The Government said,

“We are satisfied that the WA economy is still strong and can help us ride out this wave of uncertain economic times. We love visiting WA, we really do we just uh, don’t always get around to it. Phone lines are always open though!”

Albo was then seen checking his mobile to see a phone call from Marko before sighing and letting it ring out. Whispering to a staffer, “I bet it’s about that bloody GST share again”.

We can report that it most certainly was. Just snap us off a little bit more Canberra. You know you want to. 

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