IN FOCUS: Perth is a bit smokey

Despite prescribed burns being a part of life in WA for many years, the sight of a smokey city sends Perth into a little bit of a frenzy. So much so, that prescribed burn days could almost be classified as an official event. 

Dish out some unsolicited advice to the DBCA – at no point should you let your lack of training in prescribed burns get in the way of you criticising the people conducting them. Have they even CONSIDERED doing it on a day where there is a lovely little breeze to clear the smoke?

It’s actually quite extraordinary that no one has consulted Joe Bloggs from the Perthnow comment section about the exact locations he reckons he’d start the burn because he also reckons the smoke will go in another direction. 

Get that camera out – when it comes to prescribed burns you could be fooled into thinking that the real MVPs are the DBCA personnel working hard to prevent future bushfires.

No, it’s everyone with a social media account and a camera posting their photos of the smoke to save the rest of us the untold burden of looking outside ourselves. 

Or perhaps you fancy yourself a bit more of a pro lensman. Is it your time to step up and throw your smokey skyline photo into the mix? Are you made of the right stuff to nail the sunrise/sunset smokey shot? We definitely don’t have enough of those shots circulating so snap away. 

Whinge – “I know prescribed burns are important but…” It’s a classic line that will almost always be followed by a personal gripe that in the grand scheme of things is hard to care about. People sympathise with asthmatics and the like but some people are doing it tougher today.

For example, everyone is shattered that this is the day you picked to take your grandchildren to the beach for fish & chips. Likewise, people are devo that you couldn’t go on your run this morning.

You should definitely bemoan your personal inconvenience over the life saving potential that these necessary burns provide. No one will think you’re a bit self obsessed. 

Hound your local community group – rather than check the for up to date warnings, you should opt for posting the 45th question in your neighbourhood group about “what’s up with all this smoke?”

Ironically, it’s much quicker to check official sources than wait for a bunch of half-informed replies to filter in. However, it’s not about the information for you, it’s about the power. It’s about your fellow group members asking “how high” when you say jump. 

You’ll take special notice of the people who tell you to check official sources, for they will not be spared when you are admin, one day.

Documenting the Human Zoo is thirsty work, so if you enjoyed what you read how about buying Belle a beer, ay?