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Private school mum demands teachers be GPS tracked after waiting 45 mins for email reply

A Perth private school mummy is demanding her kid’s teachers be GPS tracked after she was made to wait 45 minutes for a reply on her 15th email to her kid’s teacher for the day. 

To ensure such abysmal teaching standards never happen again, Sophia is demanding GPS tracking on all teachers so she can monitor their exact movements every day. She told The Times,

“It’s simple, if they think they are too busy to respond to the emails of the lady paying their salaries then I’d like to know exactly what they are doing. I’d also like the option to locate and confront them with pinpoint accuracy. Whether they are in another class, on holiday, at home ill or at the shops”

On this specific occasion, Sophia was demanding particulars on how her child came to graze her knees at recess. Stating very clearly that she has athletic track star genetics and the idea of her simply tripping over was preposterous. Rage drinking Pet Nat with her gaggle of PSA mummies, she told The Times,

“If teachers were GPS tracked I could determine exactly where the duty of care failed to allow my beautiful daughter to be set upon and tripped by scholarship girls, and you do know what I mean by scholarship don’t you darling? Let’s say they don’t live local”

The teacher in question said she wasn’t able to respond to every one of Sophia’s email inquiries as she had teaching duties to do, adding,

“Do you realise how many emails I’d receive if an entire class of children notified their parents that I was 5 minutes late to class because I was informing this stupid drunk cow that her unco kid fkn tripped over for the 14th time? Life is too short”

The request comes after her lengthy campaign to strap a GoPro to her child was ultimately denied on the grounds of privacy for others involved. A source from within the school told The Times,

“This all stems from an incident last semester where her kid messaged her to say that she was personally victimised after being told to hand over her phone for filming TikToks during science class. All hell broke loose, man. She wanted to go full NSA on our arses”

We understand that the school denied Sophia’s request for GPS tracking and understand that the matter will be taken to the UN or whatever day drunk threats Sophia was able to articulate this morning. 

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