Tourists aren’t appreciating all the free protein on offer up north!

Travel bloggers have the audacity to come to WA and claim the all-you-can-eat flying protein buffet is some kind of nuisance!

The nerve! Check out this video from Coral Bay. Delicious.

Credit to these travel bloggers, they are keeping their cool better than most. Even if getting covered in flies is all for the content.

In the future, here are some helpful hints on dealing with flies in Western Australia:


1. Breathe through your nose – short sharp breaths will not only help you keep your composure but will help avoid the absolute calamity that ensues when you swallow one.

2. If you sense they are defeating you, remove your expensive sunnies – there comes a point in every Western Australian’s life when you smack yourself right in the face in a fly-induced rage while trying to get them away from yourself.

3. Never mention flies to anyone born North of Geraldton – it’s just not worth it. This also goes for heat, humidity, wind and pretty much any thing else.

4. Practice top notch toilet hygiene – you never want the flies to expose you by grouping near your ‘ole.

5. Never underestimate how quickly a fly will find your unguarded food. Don;t put that snag down for even a second.

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