WA Police Recruit Community FB Admins To Help Tackle State’s Cop Shortage

The Western Australian Police Force has reached out to community FB admins to step up and finally fulfil their dream of policing their turf for real. 

Upon acceptance of the appointment, the admins will be provided with a badge and a uniform which is almost certainly going to give them a raging power-stiffy or she-stiffy, whichever the case may be. 

A spokesperson for the WA Police said community FB admins were a great fit because of the impressive groundwork they have put into building a culture of snitching. Adding,

“Some of these freaks really think they are police. We hear reports from local stations that some community admins are on a first-name basis with the staff on. They take their role as admin and arbitrator of what is acceptable in their suburbs very seriously”

We spoke to an admin of a larger NOR community group who has been appointed to the POLAIR division,

“All day every day, I am dealing with helicopter posts in our community, and believe me, I get to the bottom of every report in my group. It’s finally the respect I am due”

Police have also praised community FB admins for their particular focus on focusing on “easy”, petty crime. Adding,

“Ask any officer, it’s way easier to go and bust some teenagers smoking doobies in the park than track down top-tier dealers. Or get a report of a suspicious car which gives us a chance to slap ‘em with a yellow sticker. Especially in say Gosnells, you know that cars going to have something wrong with it”

While the scheme will bring much-needed manpower to the understaffed force, some WA residents are terrified about life under community admin rule. 

Fears which may be very reasonable after an admin of a regional FB group declared themselves a “GOD” after his appointment. Vowing to eliminate eScooter cockroaches. 

We should all keep that particular community in our thoughts. 

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