Influencer Demands Bali Street Kid Give Back Rupiah After “Unusable” Reaction Filmed

An influencer on a mission to “spread joy” and “make humanity feel again” has reacted angrily to a selfish Balinese street kid’s lacklustre reaction to her “random act of kindness”.

After reviewing the recording, the influencer decided that if the little feller wants his Rp100,000 (about 10 bucks) then he’s going to have to reach deeper into the ol gratitude locker and pull out a decent-looking reaction. 

A witness saw the influencer wrestling the money out of the child’s hands while ranting and raving about needing “content she can use”. She told The Times,

“She was really screaming at this kid. Telling him that his parents probably abandoned him because he would never go viral on TikTok. You could tell the kid gave it all he had but he was just tired of being used for some narcissistic influencer’s delusional aspirations of fame”

The kid finally gave back the money after the influencer threatened to report the police for stealing her money. She then staged the random act of kindness again.

We tracked down the influencer who told The Times,

“It’s a pretty simple transaction. He gets $10 and I get millions of views, endorsement opportunities, and simpletons calling me the second-coming-of-she-Christ for being so selfless. What doesn’t the little turd understand about that?”

A source close to the kid in question said that this wasn’t his first rodeo and after seeing the meager offering he gave the content the “reaction it deserved”. Adding,

“You want tears and a hug? Try Rp500,000. She lowballed him and then complained about the content. What an amateur!”

We understand the influencer is now filming herself attending a silent retreat in Ubud. 

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