5 Iconic WA Shops That Need To Return

From aggresive discount underwear sales to the absolute pinnacle of FUBU fashion. Perth punched well above its weight when it came to retail.

1. King Kong

The Perth CBD wasn’t always a desolate wasteland of retail misery. It once was the home to some classics and none shone brighter than King Kong. A variety store with endless shelves of the cheapest shit you could buy. 

Now, a shopping experience at King Kong wasn’t complete until you saw some overzealous security guard take down a kid with a spear tackle for knicking some Lipsmacker! A true shoplifting paradise given its size and variety of pocketable gear. Good days, good days. 

2. Nox Fashion Warehouse

Some would call Nox just another discount warehouse. Merely a place to pick up some knock-off Hot Tuna or some cheap g-bangers in lovely Cannington. Well, it was that but it was so much more. Mostly given its amazing TV ad strategy. 

Who wouldn’t want an old Mediterranean man screaming at them while perusing the cheap undies section? That’s the vibe Nox advertising gave off and it was magical. Where did they find the clothes they sold? Fark knows. Could it rightly be called “fashion?” Christ not. 

3. WA Salvage

Sticking to the cheap theme, how could anyone forget the retail utopia that was WA Salvage. Maybe it was Luigi’s fiscally appealing promises to sava-da-money or maybe it was the abundance of sawdust on the floor to make you feel like a real head of cattle. 

Like all discount stores, the quality could be hit and miss but where else could you get some liquid nails, a belt for your upcoming court appearance, the kid X-Mas shopping, some food that might not kill you, and enough stolen spray paint cans to decorate the entire TransPerth train fleet? More on WA Salvage HERE.

4. Skunk Wear

When you think of late 90’s Perth fashion you can’t go past the urban charm of Skunk Wear. It was a who’s who of Limp Bizkit lookalikes that would do unspeakable acts for a pair of the new DaDa, FUBU or Ruff Ryder jeans. 

Essentially, Skunk Wear was the complete cycle of crime – it catered to the tastes of juvenile delinquents and in turn, it helped juvenile delinquents graduate to criminals by enticing them to pop their shoplifting cherry.

5. Hungry Spot

Hungry Spot was primarily a place to get a feed. However, it was so much more. It was also one of the O.G spots for NOR kids to load up on as many nangs as they possibly could. Before having a go on the arcade games. 

It was truly a place without judgement. Any manner of pinging freak or drunken lout could feel at home. You just don’t get that kind of hospitality these days. 

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