AFL’s “Pay To View” WA Games Proposal Breaks Own Record For Worst Idea Since AFLX

Many didn’t think it could be done, but the AFL has managed to top their pump out a more disgusting concept than the ill-fated AFLX. 

With television rights ending this year, Foxtel is hungry for a bigger slice of the broadcasting pie which could mean WA AFL games are shown delayed or not at all on free-to-air television. 

Delusionally still calling themselves the “people’s game” the AFL has angered hordes of punters who can’t see themselves forking out $30 a month for Kayo. 

We spoke to Deano who was furious at the proposal, 

“Can you believe those muppets done something shitter than farken AFLX? Pretty hard to top that but I reckon they done it mate, farked if I’m gonna pay for that dogshit Murdoch app in my house”

Samantha from Baldivis said she’d actually prefer to watch a free AFLX game than a paid AFL game. She told The Times,

“AFL is meant to be the people’s game and they propose something like this. I’d rather watch that shitshow AFLX than pay to watch my boys, and that’s saying something. AFLX was horrible”

Alas, corporate greed is likely to have some impact on the way we consume football in the future. A spokesperson for the AFL told The Times,

“If you don’t let us milk more Murdoch money we’ll just triple the parasitic gambling ads. Every goal will be brought to you by SportsBet and we’ll send around some washed-up AFL player to personally help you place a multi before every game. What’s it going to be?”

Some believe that the entire circus was actually proposed to take the attention off AFLX at Gil’s request. An anonymous tipster told The Times,

“Gil stepping down means he’ll likely be on the guest speech circuit and he’d rather AFLX not be brought up every single time by someone wanting to fight him about it. So this is a pleasant distraction”

The AFL has repeatedly apologised for AFLX and promises to never again stain the game with an idea like that. 

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