Airbnb guest slugged huge fee after failing to regrout bathroom after overnight stay

An Airbnb guest has been accused of not cleaning the property thoroughly after leaving the apartment without first regrouting the bathroom tiles. They also failed to clear the gutters, deep clean the oven, and polish the floorboards.

As a result of the guest failing to fulfill their cleaning requirements, they were slugged an additional $1000 on top of the usual cleaning fee. We spoke to the owner who told The Times,

“We entrust our properties to strangers and we expect that they’ll look after the property like it was their own. Would you not like a beautiful vibrant bathroom in your own house? Of course, you would! So why wouldn’t you spend 50% of your time in our apartment doing some heavy-duty cleaning?”

We spoke to the guest who conceded they failed to get around to the regrouting. Adding,

“After finishing the end-of-lease clean, we simply didn’t have any time to do the regrouting. I think they should have waived the fee, it’s a big job and I was only sleeping at the apartment as I had a busy work schedule”

As a “peace offering” the owners decided not to pursue more money for the failure to clear the gutters. Adding,

“We’ll let them off the hook. We have a guest booked in for a week so I think they’ll be able to get around to it. We have also tasked them with repainting the property. I don’t think that’s too much to ask”

Consumer groups have warned Airbnb guests to expect to undertake heavy cleaning tasks if they chose to use the platform. A spokesperson told The Times,

“People often think they are paying for accommodation. They aren’t. They are paying for the privilege to exist in someone’s piece of shit apartment that has been designed for Airbnb and has the same amount of personality as a tax accountant. So, it’s best to demonstrate gratitude when paying such outrageous fees per night”

As for the guest in question, he says that next time he’ll probably just opt for a hotel. Adding,

“I’m pretty sure you could feed a pack of hogs in your room and the cleaning staff would smile and get it spick & span in a few minutes. Wtf is with Airbnb? What a scam”

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