9 Other WA Landmarks That Should’ve Been Heritage Listed

WA has a habit of only appreciating our treasures when they are gone. While it was great news to hear King Neptune got the heritage love it does remind one of some other fallen soldiers that could’ve been with us today. 

Dave got a big’ole – putting South Hedland on the map is nothing to flick your dick at. For years, the iconic graffiti stood as a beacon of hope for the community. A piece worthy of the Louvre has sadly gone the way of the dodo. Leaving a generation of lost residents to wonder if Dave ever got that sorted. 

PERTH sign – now, the PERTH sign can return but the fact it was taken down in the first place is one of the darkest stains on the grundies of Perth’s history. Its spectacular mediocrity made it a true marvel and so fitting of Perth. They say if you look at the foreshore with yew petal glasses you can still see it. More on the PERTH sign HERE.

Willetton spaceship – once nestled on the corner of Leach Highway & Karel Ave, the spaceship was a major drawcard to the area. Long before Willetton was simply a catchment area for PSA-dodging elitist parents. To make matters worse, a spaceship was recently awarded to rivals in Bull Creek. More on Willetton HERE.

Hungry Jacks Freo – absolute no-brainer here. Where else could you catch dinner and a show? What kind of show? Only the highs & lows of the Dickensian social ballet that would hit you like a 20kph Whopper right to the side of the face. Some say Freo has never truly recovered after its departure some years ago. More on this iconic institution HERE.

Peppy Groves Taj Mahal – this hideous eyesore served an important role in society – it gave those silver-spooned Peppy Grove rich kents an aneurysm every time they looked at it. Why assign heritage listing if you can’t piss off the poshos? It would be for the benefit of the entire City to think about the rage building up in the leafy utopia every day it stood. 

Baysie Bridge – an absolute no brainer here. Not only should it have been an offence against the great nation of Westralia to tear her down but the punishment for such should’ve been forcing the offender to get into a truck cab and walk the plank of King William St! More HERE.

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Hungry Spot – a once in a generational snack bar that was known for a different kind of cookery. One can only imagine how many romances were forged after a coupla car park balloons and a heavy sesh on the arcade machines. Another blow to Perth culture. More on Hungry Spot HERE.

Cockburn Faces – every now and then you get Perf’d so hard that you just have to be impressed. The Cockburn Faces were a perfect example. Such a shemozzle of a public art project that people thought they were abducted citizens for the longest time. Turns out they were creepy composites of the “everyday” man & woman of Cockburn. Either way, what a marvel. Bring them back. More on the faces HERE.

Morley (all) – the tide of change is coming in fast and Morley is at serious risk of being swept away. It has already lost WA Salvage, Fast Eddy’s, Blockbuster & Sizzler. Each and every one of these should have been heritage listed and promoted as 1980 town. Kinda like that gold bullshit in Ballarat except better. More on Morley HERE.

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